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WITH/IN (an exhibition)

April      14, 15 & 17       2016
Kallick Family Gallery, Pitzer College, Claremont, CA

Inviting the outside in and vice versa, this exhibition collapses public and private realms to reveal the entanglements within our bodies and with one another. The role of WITH/IN is not to conclude whether empathy is or is not achieved through art, but rather to allow for audiences to determine if empathy can be provoked through creative practice. WITH/IN considers the inter and intra dependencies of empathy amongst individuals as practiced by Los Angeles area contemporary artists. Working in a variety of mediums – performance, video, installation, light and sound each work creates circuits between audience, art, and artist. Demonstrating permeable, process-based practices, the ultimate success or failure of these relationship-driven projects, is not, nor will ever be guaranteed. 

Featuring: Rebecca Bruno, Yann Novak, Roksana Pirouzmand (CALARTS), and Lara Salmon the works in WITH/IN diverge in medium, content, and possibility, but all consider the initiation and negotiation that empathetic relationships require through subjective interaction. Ranging from a moving room to live performance (body art), from video installation to immersive sound and projection installation, the four projects in WITH/IN highlight some of the most exciting contemporary practice and explore four artists' invitations and viewers' explorations of intimate art.

Photographs by Emma Stolarski                             Video by Genna Kules

Ice Study (2016)     &    Water Study (2016)

Rolling (2016)


Moving Room (2016)

Stick Piece (2016) 

As a physical archive of the performances and exhibition as a whole, I designed an exhibition catalogue. Alongside selected images taken by Emma Stolarski, I conducted interviews with 3 of the 4 participating artists. The full size version of the online publication can be viewed here.  A smaller preview is below-

I Flux with Watson

I Flux with Watson

The Cyborgian Other

The Cyborgian Other