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Myuran Sukumaran

As a Watson Fellow travelling Australia, I came upon this story as a blank slate - with neither prior knowledge nor judgment. The facts as they unfolded confused me - heroin isn’t petty weed or molly, yet I was sympathetic to their youth. While still confused about how these two could so brazenly break laws outside of their home country and take such vigilante risks, the sentence they received left me numb for its harshness and finality. Leading me deeper into this intrigue was an invitation from my Australian friend to the opening of “Another Day in Paradise.” Hosted at the Campbelltown Arts Centre, the event was Sukumaran’s first major exhibition featuring over 100 of his works alongside a series of newly commissioned ‘critical interventions’ by 6 other leading Australian artists. As it became known, Myuran Sukumaran, while awaiting death, produced art.

Pajé: Studio Visit

Pajé means shaman, a childhood nickname that stuck. Through performance and painting, Pajé is interested in how art exists beyond the object. Today, his practice honors his namesake. “All objects I produce are part of a ritual” he told me.

I got to become good friends with Pajé and his magical girlfriend, Marina. I am so thankful for the relationship I now have with the both of them. Thank you for the warmth my dear friends. We will cross paths again.