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O peixe (The fish)

Dear Reader, I am currently in Auckland, NZ. Far away from the hyper-activity of Sao Paulo and its 32nd biennial. In the spirit of "Thanks"-giving (just around the corner) I’ve written a long overdue response to a film I saw at the biennial. I think about it often. So, I hope my description of Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist Jonathas de Andrade’s film, O peixe (2016), encourages you to pause and reflect on intention, the origins of our sustenance, and human-animal and human-human empathy.

Pajé: Studio Visit

Pajé means shaman, a childhood nickname that stuck. Through performance and painting, Pajé is interested in how art exists beyond the object. Today, his practice honors his namesake. “All objects I produce are part of a ritual” he told me.

I got to become good friends with Pajé and his magical girlfriend, Marina. I am so thankful for the relationship I now have with the both of them. Thank you for the warmth my dear friends. We will cross paths again.