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A Brief Intro to My Project/ Itinerary

A Brief Intro to My Project/ Itinerary

How does one develop their identity in a world that is constantly changing around them? On what do we ground ourselves? This fascination essentially ignited my Watson project topic.

Titled, “Our Place(s): Exploring Artist Identity within Global and Local Contexts,” my project takes me to 8* countries:

  1. Brazil – August, September, and October

  2. New Zealand – November and December

  3. Australia – January and February

  4. Greece – March

  5. England - April

  6. Italy - May

  7. South Korea and Hong Kong – June

  8. Japan – July

Over the next 12 months, I hope to investigate art as a communicative medium that transcends ‘place’ as conventionally understood. When I say place I do not just mean geographically, I mean contextually. I wish to uncover how context, through history, tradition, culture, and politics, informs today’s artist’s identities. With place as my focus: What role does it play in an artist’s identity in today’s globalized contemporary?

* Originally I planned on going to 6 countries, this post has been updated 6/16/17 to list all countries visited for this project. 

Artwork by Brian Andreas

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