Donna Kukama:  "To be Announced"

Performance artist Donna Kukama is not Brazilian, she’s from South Africa, but her work encapsulates, what I'll call, “time and place reverberation,” a phenomena I’m fixated on. How can an artist allow us to pause and reflect on histories and experiences we were not a part of? My performance art allure probably stems from my own experience as a dancer and the role of energy and presence I’ve had to generate within myself to unite with my audience. Kukama’s performances were the strongest of what I’ve experienced at the biennial.

As 3 chapters each performed at different historical and cultural sites in São Paulo, Kukama’s performances are assembled under the title of a book “To be Announced” . The book in this work is not the physical kind but a series of performances as each chapter. I attended the first performance, Chapter C: The Genealogy of Pain on Brazil’s Independence Day and the second, Chapter A: The Anatomy of History, unfortunately missing the last performance Chapter B: I, Too.  

Chapter C: The Genealogy of Pain

Cemitério da Consolação (Cemetery of Consolation)

September 7, 2016.

Chapter A: The Anatomy of History

Museu Afrobrasil, Ibirapuera Park

September 9, 2016

Photo Courtesy of  Bienal Documentation

Photo Courtesy of Bienal Documentation

Chapter B: I, too

Bienal Pavillion, Ibirapuera Park 

September 10, 2016