Casa da Xiclet

Xiclet is a loud woman. Her presence is immediately known by her cackle. Cackle, yes, but Xiclet is no witch - maybe a fusion of a witch and a merrymaker because anyone who meets her is decidedly spellbound.
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Pajé: Studio Visit

Paje means shaman, a childhood name that stuck. Through performance and painting, Pajé is interested in how art exists beyond the object. Today his practice honors his namesake.
I got to become good friends with Pajé and his magical girlfriend, Marina. They took me samba-ing under the moon in the old Italian neighborhood Bixiga, we shared good laughs at the Bienal together (art is so much better viewed and discussed with friends), and we indulged in copious amount of savory and sweet pizza while talking about astrology. I am so thankful for the relationship I now have with the both of them. Thank you for the warmth my dear friends. We will cross paths again. 
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The Sacred in Brazilian Contemporary Art

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